Key Largo Fishing

There is a reason why Florida is known to be the “Fishing Capital of the World” and at Fantastic II Charters, we work hard to maintain that title providing the best Key Largo fishing experiences in town!

The waters that surround the State of Florida are rich in nutrients due to the mixture of currents coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the sweet water running from the multiple mangroves found inland. This rich environment attracts a huge number of species to our coasts providing them with food and shelter, making it an ideal spot to live and reproduce.

This allows us to have great fishing all year-round and provide you with the best sport fishing charter trips in Key Largo and guarantee fish.

As pioneers of the Sportfishing industry in Key Largo, at Fantastic II Charters we are committed to the protection and responsible management and, of course, responsible fishing of the great resources of our waters.

Give us a call to book your next sport fishing adventure today!

Sport Fishing in Key Largo Fantastic II Charters