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The 6 Most Popular Saltwater Fish Species in Key Largo

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There is much fish in the sea, but not all seas have the same fish species. However, when it comes to great fishing and catching a wide variety of species, Key Largo fishing is one of the best and most rich places for sports fishing.


Here is a list of the most commonly found saltwater fish species in Key Largo, Florida, so that next time you come to visit us at Fantastic II Charters, you have an idea of what you can catch on your sportfishing trip. One thing is for sure, no matter the month you visit us, we will guarantee fish.


  1. King Mackerel

King mackerel is a subtropical species found in the Atlantic coast of the Americas. From May to August they migrate from North Carolina to southeast Florida to spawn from May to August.

It’s a medium-sized fish that is known to exceed 90 lb. It has a colorless spiny dorsal fin that’s normally folded back. In general, they’re silver, although their tones go from darker color on the back fading to white on the belly.


  1. Lane Snapper

They are commonly found in shallow water that ranges from five to ten feet. Despite their size, they put up a really hard fight.

It is a popular eating fish, so it’s always good to catch some to add to the dinner table.


  1. Lemon shark

If you want to go on a shark fishing trip in Key Largo, you won’t be disappointed. The Florida Keys are home to many interesting shark species and the Lemon Shark is one of them.

It is a very powerful shark that can grow up to 11 ft. They are commonly found in subtropical waters. They use electroreceptors to catch fish and are not considered a threat to humans.


  1. Barracuda

Barracudas are a very powerful fish species, hence, very fun to catch. It has a fearsome appearance, sharp-edged teeth and violent behavior, similar to piranhas. They can reach speeds of up to 27 mph to overtake their prey. They are popular both as food and game fish.

Some species of barracuda present a danger to swimmers because they can mistake them for large predators.

  1. Sailfish

Sailfish is one of the pelagic species that we can find when we are fishing in deep water. They are sought for its size. They live outside reefs, in colder areas of the ocean, they have a predominant dorsal fin or “sail” that they keep folded down while swimming and raised when they attack their prey.


  1. Mahi Mahi

Also called dorado or dolphin, the mahi-mahi is considered a delicacy. They have compressed bodies and can be distinguished by their shiny colors, they can be golden on the sides, ranging from bright greens and blues on the back and sides.

They can live up to five years and weight up to 29 lb. The United States and the Caribbean are the primary consumers of this fish, but it’s also a popular catch in Australia, Japan, and Hawaii.

The waters surrounding Key Largo are full of life and there are many other species you can catch on your sportfishing trip. So if you’re looking for a day of offshore fun or you want to get some fish for dinner give us a call to book your next fishing trip.

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