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Sport Fishing in Key Largo: What you didn’t know about Wahoo

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Have you ever noticed the difference in fishing different species? While some may be very easy to catch, some of them might present a great challenge and Wahoo is considered one of them.

Wahoo is one of our stars at Fantastic II Charters, and here is a list of cool reasons why:

–  Wahoo fishing is a challenge

Although we can commonly fish wahoo in Key Largo waters year round, it certainly requires some experience to catch it. They are aggressive, really strong and they give a really good fight!

– Wahoo is the fastest fish in the Ocean

This fish can swim up to 60 mph and it is considered one of the fastest fish in the Ocean.

– They are great quality food

If you’ve ever caught a wahoo, you know their meat is delicious!

– They can weight up to 60 lbs

This is a big fish and it’s not uncommon to find specimens that weight up 60 lbs.

– They are found in in groups

Wahoo usually are found in small groups around coral drop offs or offshore reefs, so once you spot one, it’s easier to go and catch a second one.

– They have a short lifespan

Wahoo are fast growing fishes, that means they reach adulthood very fast, which shortens their lifespan. They usually live up to two years and reach their maturity when they reach 92 cm approximately.

As you can see, all of these traits make wahoo a specie worth pursuing in your next deep fishing trip. Just remember, if you’re interested in catching them on your next sport fishing trip with us, make sure you’re well prepared for the fight!