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Seasickness: 5 Easy Natural Tips to Prevent It

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Riding on a boat can be one of the most exciting experiences anyone can have, feeling the wind on your face, watching postal card like landscapes and enjoying the adrenaline, but what about the people who want to enjoy this experience, but seasickness gets in the way?

Seasickness is a kind of motion sickness that’s only experienced when on the water. People who suffer it can have a very bad time even with the slightest movement of water, either by being on a boat or swimming in the ocean.

This kind of motion sickness happens when the ear becomes disturbed by the repeating movement from a swell. All of our senses work together to send signals to the brain to recreate every little aspect we know as reality, and if one of them gets disturbed, the brain becomes confused and in some cases can have trouble compensating the change in objects that are normally stationary and suddenly become mobile, causing nausea, cold sweats, fatigue and an upset stomach.

Luckily for everyone who suffers from seasickness there are many ways to treat and/or prevent it, so next time you hop on board the Fantastic II for a great sport fishing experience in Key Largo, make sure you follow these 5 tips:

1. Brainwash yourself

Seasickness is oftentimes purely mental and it is closely related to panic attacks or fear of what could go wrong while being offshore. It is natural to experience fear the first time you’re on a boat, but it’s not normal nor beneficial to your health to suffer from this anxiety every time you sail on a ship.

To help your brain surpass this anxiety and prevent from getting seasick repeat yourself as often as you need it “Everything is OK and I will not get seasick!”, that way if your ears and your eyes don’t match their perceptions, at least your brain can be prepared to control them.

2. Focus on the horizon

If you’re feeling nauseous the best thing you can do is to focus on something still, if you do this your brain will recognize the stillness and will send clues to your inner ear to begin balancing both stimulus. Also, focusing on the horizon gives you a sense of being in control of the situation.

3. Breathe

It’s very common for people who suffer from seasickness to hyperventilate due to stress or anxiety, and this only worsen the motion sickness symptoms. Instead of taking rapid deep breaths, take long slow deep breaths. This will help you relax and focus on your breathing instead of the movements.

4. Eat saltine crackers

Many people who suffer from motion sickness think that they can handle seasickness better with an empty stomach but this is not true, gastric juices can easily upset an empty stomach and that’s the last thing you want to do. Having some food in your stomach is better than having no food at all, but make sure you eat bland, non spicy food, but always in small proportions. Eating saltine crackers is an old time sailor recipe. And God knows why it works, but it works!

5. Go with the flow

While the natural tendency is to fight against the movement of the swell, it’s better if you just close your eyes, lay down, take a deep breath, think of all the amazing fish you’ll catch when Captain Justin Hopper anchors the Fantastic II and just go with the flow, don’t try fight the ocean and the ocean won’t fight you back.

If you recently booked a fishing charter trip with us and are worried you might get seasick, give us a call to know more ways you can prepare yourself to prevent it. At Fantastic Charters we want you to have the best sport fishing experience and will do everything on our hands to help you achieve this.