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Safety Comes First: 8 Fishing First Aid Kit Essentials

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Although fishing is a safe sport when lead by a professional, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone (yes, even to expert anglers like Captain Justin Hopper and the Fantastic II crew), and the best thing we can do is be prepared for the unexpected.

To prevent any kind of injuries while enjoying your time fishing in the beautiful clear waters of Key Largo, all anglers must have a properly stocked first aid kit on all trips, but if you would like to prepare yours just to be extra safe, here are 10 essential items we recommend you to include:

1. Ibuprofen tablets

Ibuprofen is a common anti-inflammatory drug that helps relieve pain. Although this medicine may seem harmless you should be aware of the side effects and take it with moderation, and as with any other drug, mixing it with alcohol is a bad idea.

2. Electrolyte drinks

Long exposure to sunlight and heat combined with vigorous physical activity make the perfect setup for dehydration. Prevent this by drinking lots of water and electrolyte replacement drinks.

3. Antiseptic towels

These are important not just to keep your hands clean, they also help disinfect small cuts, a must have in your fishing first aid kit.

4. Tweezers

One has to be careful while handling fish as some species may have thorns that help them protect themselves against predators and can be hazardous for us. For this, a pair of tweezers can help to remove the thorn.

5. Vinegar

If you accidentally get stung by a jellyfish, soak or rinse the area with vinegar for up to 30 minutes, this will stop the spreading of toxins.

6. Cotton balls

To rub alcohol or tincture of benzoin over the skin.

7. Wire cutters

We wish no one to go through this, but in case you hook the wrong fish, a wire cutter will help cutting through fishing hooks.

8. Compression bandage

To help compress a wound or to stop the bleeding.

At Fantastic II Charters, we care about your safety and are well equipped to make your fishing trip aboard the Fantastic II the most memorable time of your life having safety always in mind, and although fishing is a pretty safe sport, we rather extra careful.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our services!