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Mahi-Mahi: How, When & Where to Fish

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Mahi mahi, dolphin, dorado or goldmakrele, are all valid names given to one of the most popular catches of recreational fishing in Key Largo. The dolphinfish, whose scientific name is Coryphaena hippurus, is found in off-shore tropical, temperate and subtropical waters from around the world, being one of the strongest and tenacious fighters in these waters, so if you really want to enjoy their incredible taste you better be prepared for a good fight.

How to catch

Shrimp, albacore, and ballyhoo are great baits for mahi-mahi, cut them into chunks and throw a handful out to get them into a frenzy. Bait your hook with the same bait you used and throw the line to drift with the rest of the chunks and wait for the mahi-mahi to bite.

Another trick you can use is keeping the first hooked fish in the water until another fish gets hooked. Sensing the two hooked fish struggling for bait will get the rest excited to secure their feast and will cause the frenzied feeding you want close to the boat.

When to find it

May through October are the best months to catch mahi-mahi, being January, February and march the months with the lowest counts on this fish.

Where to fish

Mahi-mahi travels around subtropical and tropical waters of the world whose temperature ranges from 60’s to mid-80’s. This makes Key Largo a great spot to fish mahi-mahi.

One of the simplest ways to target mahi-mahi is by looking for floating sargassum, many small fishes look for shelter in floating weed patches, and mahi-mahi and other bigger predators take this in their advantage while looking for food.

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