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Live vs. Dead Bait: Which Is Best For Saltwater Fishing?

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The topic of baits in the sport fishing world is very controversial. If you ask 5 different anglers about the best type of bait for saltwater fishing, it is very likely that you get a different answer from each of them. Here, we will go over the general bait types, their pros and their cons, so that you can choose for yourself.

Although opinions on the best type of bait for saltwater fishing may differ, the truth is that it all depends on the type of fish you want to catch and of course on which technique you use.

Dead Bait

Some may not think of live bait as something very useful, however, it has many advantages. There are two options for dead bait, you can either use it to catch more bait or you can buy pre-rigged bait, which will save you some time out on the water.

Another advantage of dead bait is that you can place it strategically on the boat so that it drips blood into the water and attracts bigger fish.

As for the type of dead bait, if you are going to catch it yourself, you can mix and match and try how different types of baits work for different fish, but if you’re going to buy it, make sure to buy the one that has more demand, that’s usually the one that works best in the season.

Live Bait

The best feature of live bait is that it’s alive. Live bait moves like a wounded prey, this is something that many predators detect and feel attracted to, plus, live bait on a hook releases blood, which attracts more predators.

Another advantage of live bait is that you don’t have to move it regularly to pretend it is alive. These frequent movements of wounded live bait create a vibration in the water that predators can sense, increasing the chances of targeting the fish you want.

Now that you know the general differences and advantages among live and dead bait, you are free to choose the one that best fits your fishing needs, style and the time you will spend on water.

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