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Know Your Catch: Interesting Facts About Red Snappers

Red Snapper in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charter

One of the many types of fish we commonly catch aboard the Fantastic II is the red snapper, one of the 109 species of their genus. This type of fish is famous mostly due to its taste and cooking versatility, but beside this, there are many other interesting facts about this fish that make it stand out. Here are some of them:

1. Not only roses are red

The red snapper can be easily recognized by its colors, they are red on its back, grading to pink and whitish color on its belly. There are different kinds of red snapper depending on the region they’re found, the ones from the north part of the Gulf of Mexico is commonly a light red with more pigmentation on the back.

2. They are big

This type of fish can grow up to 40 inches long and weigh up to 50 pounds.

3. Long lifespan

Red snappers have a pretty long lifespan, the average registered is 50 years but they can live much longer. Their age can be determined by counting the rings on their ear bone.

4. Reproduction

They reach their reproductive maturity when they are about two years old. Their reproduction takes place in coral reefs or rocky ledges to ensure the protection of the fertilized eggs, which normally hatch within a day.

5. Habitat

The northern red snapper is the signature fish of the Gulf of Mexico and is considered a delicacy by many. They inhabit waters of up to 200 ft deep and prefer to stay relatively close to rocky bottoms and reefs.

6. It’s a prized food fish

They are usually caught for commercial and recreational purposes and are one of the most popular catches in sport fishing, so if you’re looking to catch red snapper, give us a call to book your next sport fishing trip in Key Largo!

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