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Key Largo: The Perfect Sport Fishing Destination

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Key Largo is known to be the “Diving Capital of The World”, but have you ever wondered why? Well, let us guide you through Key Largo’s fantastic and countless attractions that make this touristic destination one of the best options to visit and why you definitely have to add it to your “must travel to” list!

Almost everyone has heard the Florida Keys mentioned at least once in their lifetime. The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located just one hour drive south from the two major airports in the State of Florida, but despite it’s closeness to the city, the destination is a world away.

Key Largo has many attractions to offer tourists, and one of the most famous and popular is sport fishing which is an excellent activity for those who enjoy fishing for pleasure or competition. This is one of the main destinations to practice this sport for strong reasons. Key Largo is the site of the only, most beautiful and astonishing coral reef in the United States just a few miles offshore, which makes this place the most fascinating spot to enjoy the rich and wonderful sea life at its best.

Key Largo’s waters are host of important sport fishing tournaments which make this place a mecca to enjoy the sport. Here you can catch many species that go from but not limited to Amberjack, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Grouper, Kingfish, Marlin, Shark, Sailfish, Snapper, Tuna, Wahoo and many more!

If your idea of vacation heaven includes fishing, sailing and good weather then Key Largo and the Fantastic II Charter crew are waiting for you!

There’s only one person at Key Largo that can provide you, your friends and family with an excellent fishing experience, and that is Captain Justin Hopper, who is the only Captain who can say “Guaranteed Fish!” and that is why customers return year after year.

Captain Justin Hopper and his crew of experts will take you to the most astonishing places aboard the Fantastic II Charter, a 40ft custom fiberglass Fishing Charter, with twin diesel engines, 4 fishing chairs and the best in electronic navigation and fish finding equipment, so you can have an overall fishing experience and enjoy the beauty of our dearest Florida Keys.

For these and many other reasons Key Largo is a wonder you must definitely add to your list of places you have to visit. Its rich history and cultural heritage have inspired creative souls along the years, so it’s no surprise you find songs and movies that talk about this wonderful destination.

If you want to have the most incredible sport fishing experience at Key Largo, make sure you call Fantastic Charters today. We have your fishing rod ready!