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Keep Reeling, Mahi-mahi Season in Key Largo is Here!

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Key Largo, first of the Florida Keys, is the home of fantastic botanical and marine sceneries and a whole bunch of activities to enjoy them, that keep visitors coming all year round. But there is one specific activity for which the Florida Keys are widely recognized: Sport Fishing.

Sport fishing in the Florida Keys is one of the most amazing experiences that you can enjoy in this part of the world, and there are many sport fishing enthusiasts that come year after year to find one of the most beautiful (and delicious) species in these waters, the Dolphinfish, or commonly known as Mahi-mahi.

marine-life-in-the-pelagic-zones-pictureThe Mahi-mahi is a pelagic fish that loves warm waters and lives in water depths greater than 80 ft. They are fast swimmers, they feed from bait fish, squid, crabs and flying fish. They grow pretty fast and can reach up to 3ft in their first year of life, and guess what? The Mahi-mahi season has just begun!

As we said before, Mahi-mahi loves warm waters, so as soon as Spring begins we can start seeing a consistent flow of great size specimens. The best months to catch this amazing fish start from March and ends around September, making the Spring to Summer months the best season to catch a dolphinfish.

If you’re looking forward to coming to the Florida Keys in Dolphinfish season, you better start packing your favorite summer clothes and head out to our beautiful State. Captain Justin Hopper and his team have the best techniques to help you catch a good dolphin. They are incredibly versed in deep water fishing and know what bait to use and what indicators to follow to make sure you have an incredible deep sea adventure.

At Fantastic II Charters, we are the only Sport Fishing Charter Company in Key Largo that can guarantee fish! Now the question is, are you ready to go offshore and have the best time of your life?

Give us a call to book your fishing trip and keep reeling!

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