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Is Sport Fishing Affecting the Environment?

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Sport Fishing is a recreational activity that has been practiced around the world for a little bit more than 500 years. The oldest registers we have of its practice date back to 1496 in England, just around the time of the invention of the printing process. It was conceived as an activity practiced just by the pleasure of fishing and it has prevailed the same way until these days.

Commercial fishing started as the result of a rapid growth in population. The main idea is to catch as many fish as possible using different methods and sell them to feed the overgrowing population. This has helped develop the economy, resulting in huge industries and, among other commercial activities, has created vast economic system but most of all, it has provided us with not just fish but any product we can imagine, allowing us to have them whenever we want to.

At this point you may think that commercial fishing doesn’t sound that bad, after all, we all love commodities and in fact, we’ve become so used to have everything we want, whenever we want it that we actually forget where these products come from, and specially with fish, some of us even believe they were born in the freezer!

But commercial fishing is not as good as it sounds, we have to take into consideration that the fact of over fishing causes a strong environmental impact, which causes the natural cycle of life in the ocean to unbalance and produces the death of many other species that are caught unintentionally during the process of massive fishing.

On the other hand, sport fishing is an activity done by pleasure or competition and it has none or very low impact on the environment. It is practiced by mere pleasure or competition and the catches are almost 90% of the times thrown alive back at the ocean.

Also, there is an educational process involved in this activity. With sport fishing we can have fun and also learn not only how to use all sorts of rods and reels, but we also learn about sailing, about the ocean, the life in it and its cycles. We learn important values as friendship, teamwork, and it gives us another perspective on life, with the practice of sport fishing, we learn to love the planet, to respect life in it and also, to recognize that food was actually alive before it got to our plates.

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