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8 Reasons to Justify Your Fishing Trip (But a Few of Them Are Not So Reasonable)

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Although you and me know that there’s no reason why one should justify and incredible adventure, we have to accept that some people find it hard to have fun and they need someone to explain them why a fishing trip is so beneficial.

So here we go, take out your pen and paper because we’re sure you might need them in the future:

1. Because You Love It!

It’s hard for someone not to believe you on this one, but just in case someone doubts about how much you love going fishing, explain to them everything you like about hopping on a fishing charter and how great it feels to have the wind on your face.

2. Because It’s Good for Your Health

Sport fishing has many health benefits and it is proven to lower stress, plus it is a fun way to exercise those arms (when you pull the fish out), those legs (trying to keep balance on the boat) and your concentration skills. So whenever someone questions you about the benefits of sport fishing  just tell them they can believe whatever they want, but that you know you will look and feel 20 years younger when you reach the 100’s.

3. Because You Need a Break From Routine

And this is a totally acceptable reason, sometimes we all need that break but we’re too afraid to to ask for it. Taking a break from the everyday routine is something we all should be allowed to do once in a while. Taking breaks and doing something exciting and different or simply something you really enjoy doing will make you feel more relaxed and will make you be more productive when you get back to work.

4. Because You Dreamed You Catch a Fish Made Out of Pure Gold and You Feel It’s Premonition

I mean, these days you never know, so why not give it a shot. What if you don’t do it and someone else gets the prize?! It’s better to go and find out for yourself!

5. Because It’s The Best Season to Fish

OK, you got to be careful with this one, because we all know every season is great to fish in Key Largo, so be sure to use this one with people that are not familiar with fishing.

6. Because You Love Chocolate

And eating too much of it can bring serious problems to your health so fishing is the best way you have found to stay away from that delicious but maleficial temptation.

7. Because It’s a Good Way to Spend Quality Time With Your Family

And this is actually true, sport fishing is a great activity to spend time with family; kids (and adults) can learn many interesting facts of life in the ocean and Captain Justin Hopper is just the right angler man to teach your family all the tips and tricks to catch good fish!

8. Because YOLO

And we don’t need to get deeper on this one.

These are just a few reasons out of the many to justify our love for fishing, but we are sure the list is endless and that you can come up many more reasons to escape on a sport fishing trip.

At Fantastic Charters we know you don’t need any particular reason to go fishing with us, so you don’t have to explain yourself, because we get you, we feel the same excitement as you do!

Give us a call and set up a date with the ocean!