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8 Interesting Facts About Grouper Fish That Make Them An Irresistible Catch

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Grouper fish is one of the many species that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean. They vary in type, size and genera, but the majority of types are classified under the Epinephelus subfamily, and they are also commonly known as ‘mero’.

Catching a grouper is not an easy task for any angler, it requires a good set of skills, commitment and patience… lots of patience, but once you pull in your first one from over 200 FSW you will want to catch more! It definitely makes your sport fishing trip worth it!

Groupers live in deep water, they’re usually found in natural structures at depths of over 200 ft. The trick of catching these fish relies on finding a good deep spot near rocks, drop offs or ledges, and dropping a line as deep as you can because groupers are going to be on the bottom, not in the water column.
But what makes groupers such an interesting catch besides the complexity of catching them? Here are some of the most interesting facts that make these fish so special:

1. Grouper is considered one of the best fish to serve for many chefs. Many compare the texture being like a cloud!

2. There are over 100 types of groupers!

3. The bright markings on their body change in color to camouflage with the background.

4. The Atlantic goliath grouper or jewfish reaches a length of 8 ft and can weigh up to 800 lb.

5. They are slow swimmers, their body is not built to swim fast or to swim long distances.

6. They are born and mature as females but have the ability to change to the opposite sex after sexual maturity.

7. They live in small groups containing one male and 3 to 15 females. If the male dies, the largest female will change sex to take over the harem.

8. They can live up to 50 years!

Groupers are one of the many amazing species you can catch in a sportfishing trip with Fantastic II Charters, and with summer just around the corner, we’ll be ready to have everyone practicing their grouper fishing skills, so make sure you let us know if you’re after this catch!