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7 Myths About Fishing in a Sport Fishing Charter Boat Debunked

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Sportfishing is one of the most fun activities you can do in Key Largo if you love the ocean, if you don’t mind getting wet and having a wild hair-do afterwards, and also if you don’t mind a little bit of sun, but there are many misconceptions about this recreational activity.

Here are 5 of the most common myths we hear about fishing in a fishing charter:

1. You need to bring your own fishing gear

There is no need for you to bring any gear. The Fantastic II charter boat is fully equipped with the latest in fishing gear, electronic navigation, has 4 fish fishing chairs and is outfitted for your comfort and safety. However, you’re welcome to bring your lucky rod and reel if you have one!

2. You need to have fishing experience

We know fishing is an activity that can only be mastered through study and practice, however when you fish with Fantastic II Charters it is not required. Captain Justin Hopper and his knowledgeable crew will take you through all tricks and techniques that will make you catch lots of fish, so whether you’re new to sport fishing or an experienced angler, you’re welcome to live the experience of fishing with us!

3. You will spend the whole day in the water

To catch good fish is not necessary to spend the whole day in the water, so it really depends on your schedule and availability. You can choose from ¾, ½ or full day trips, the more time in the water, the more fun you get!

4. You might not catch fish

Although it is true that fish are unpredictable, and that there are good and bad days in fishing, it takes an expert to know where to go and when to catch good fish. At Fantastic II Charters, we’ve been fishing in the Florida Keys for over 30 years. Our experience makes us feel confident to guarantee fish, and we stand by our words. With us, you will never leave empty-handed.

5. Recreational fishing doesn’t have an important ecological impact

According to NOAA, in the U.S. recreational anglers make around 70 million fishing trips per year, and with the aid of technology some anglers who don’t respect fishing regulations and closed seasons catch more fish sometimes even surpassing commercial catch levels for specific species in certain regions, which definitely has an influence in the health of each fish populations, causing it to have a significant ecological impact, but at Fantastic II Charters, we are aware of the damage this may cause in the short or long run to our environment and only catch what’s permitted in the season to help the conservation of species and rebuild depleted ecosystems, so if you’re looking for an eco-conscious sportfishing company in the Florida Keys, we’re here, waiting to provide you with the best sportfishing experience of your life!