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7 Interesting Facts About Blue Marlin

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One of the most representative fish species of Florida Keys waters is Blue Marlin. Blue Marlin is an incredibly active, intrepid, and strong type of fish, and it’s undoubtedly a pleasure to watch them in their natural environment.

There are many things that make Marlins an incredible catch when going on a sport fishing charter trip, but here are 7 that will make you love them!

1. Speed

Blue Marlins are considered to be among the fastest fish in the ocean. They are incredibly fast swimmers and can reach up to 60 miles per hour!

2. Size

Females are 4 times larger than males. The largest specimens can reach 14 ft in length and weight almost 2000 pounds.

3. Feeding habits

When they hunt, they use their spear to inflict injuries when passing through a school of fish. Injured or dead fish will float in the water, and marlins will scoop the feast afterwards.

4. Behavior

These type of marlin is a solitary specie, they are usually found swimming alone, although they might swim in pairs, but very rarely do they swim in larger schools.

5. Water temperature preferences

They prefer warm waters and migrate during winters moving from one site to another to avoid low water temperatures.

6. Life span

Females live an average of 27 years, while males live an average of 18 years in the wild.

7. Reproduction

Males reach sexual maturity at the age of 3, while females can only become sexually mature when they reach 265 pounds.

Summertime is the best season if you want to catch a Blue Marlin off the Florida Keys, and although they’re usually a rare catch, Captain Justin Hopper and his crew of professional anglers at Fantastic II Charters have all the knowledge required to spot and catch this amazing fish.

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