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6 Habits You Need to Adopt to Become an Expert Angler

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Sport Fishing is one of the most fascinating sports you can practice, it allows you to be in touch with nature, keeps you active and in constant learning of all things around you. It is also a great sport because anyone at any age can practice it. Overall, Sport Fishing is an activity that provides you with many benefits you can enjoy, but as anything in this life, you need to practice a lot to master it, and to be a Sport Fishing master you need to adopt certain habits that will help you conquer the seas!

So… If you really want to become an expert angler just stick with these habits and see the results! We are completely sure you won’t be disappointed.


1. Organize Your Gear

We know sometimes keeping everything organized in these hectic times can get a bit tricky, but you know what? keeping your fishing gear organized will help you be more efficient while fishing. Store everything at one place, and in the same place will help you get used to your own order and will help you find everything you need whenever you want it and sometimes without even looking!

2.  Sharpen or Replace Unsharpened Hooks

Before you go fishing, make sure your hooks are sharp. Your hooks should always be sharp to make sure it meets its purpose, if not, catching the fish can get a bit frustrating. If you notice the point of your hooks are not that sharp you might want to sharpen or replace them.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Casting is one of the most important things to learn if you want to become an expert angler and most people take it from granted. Learning how to properly cast and practicing even before you go on an actual Sport Fishing charter trip will make the difference between an expert and an amateur angler. Expert anglers know they have to practice their casting for at least 30 minutes a day and even more so before a trip.

4. Know Your Waters

Fishing in shallow waters is very different from fishing in open waters, If you want to really become an expert you need to know what type of casting and equipment works best for each case because fish near the shore are different from the fish you can find in deeper waters.

5. Listen to Your Guide

Having an expert angler to guide you at the beginning of your journey (cof, cof, Captain Justin Hopper) who can share with you all the tips and tricks related to Sport Fishing is a good idea, but more than a good idea, is completely fundamental. We know YouTube has become the best teacher for new generations, but let’s face it, nothing will ever compare to have friendly human interaction with a true master.

6. Stay Positive!

There is no reason why you should be disappointed if you don’t catch fish at first, you are learning and if you don’t catch fish is because you need to practice and study a lot more, you know how they say “practice makes perfect”? 100% true when you apply it to Sport Fishing. It takes an expert angler to guarantee fish, so just relax, enjoy the ride, learn to learn and be grateful for the opportunity mother nature is giving you to live this amazing experience, everything else will come as a result of your will power and hard work. ?


At Fantastic Charters we have years of expertise and have been guaranteeing fish for over 30 years and have never left the ocean empty handed. If you want to learn from the experts call us today! You won’t be disappointed!