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5 Romantic & Fun Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Fishing

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It’s February, and that little naked cute baby called Cupid is knocking at our doors. It’s that time of year where all we see at any store are red hearts, red roses and chocolates (mmm… chocolate…), and with that kind of commercial bombing is really hard to think of a unique gift for that special person that happens to LOVE fishing, an even harder task to fulfill.

At Fantastic Charters II, we’re all about the love, and although we know Valentine’s not about the gifts, but about spending quality time with our loved ones, we do believe gifts and surprises are excellent ways to show your loved one you care.

Here is a list of 5 romantic gift ideas for your favorite fisher man or fisher woman:

1. Deep Sea Fishing Photo Frame:
Got a good picture of your husband fishing? Frame it in this cool deep sea fishing photo frame. We’re sure you’re going to surprise him, first because the frame is so awesome, and second because no one ever prints pictures anymore!


2. Hooked on Fishing T-Shirt for her: If your Valentine’s a little too into sport fishing, then you will have to have a camera to take a snap of the face she’s going to make when she opens her cool gift!

3. Fisherman’s Toilet Roll:
This fun, practical, and why not romantic toilet roll, will make your fisher man or fisherwoman smile. Plus, they’ll think of you once, twice, three times a day?


4. Romantic Deep Sea Fishing Trip with Fantastic II Charters: Let’s be honest, anyone who loves deep sea fishing will prefer to go fishing over any other gift. A great way to spend a fun and romantic time with your Valentine is going fishing!bana

5. DIY Hooked on You Candy Jar:
We’re all up for sweets this day, so why not make this great and cheap candy jar as a gift for your special one. This are worms, but the type of candy is up to you.


At Fantastic II Charters, we wish you send the most wonderful Valentine’s Day of them all, and would love to have you and your loved ones celebrating at our beautiful charter. Give us a call and book your Valentine’s deep sea fishing trip!