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4 Things to Consider When You Take your Kids on a Sport Fishing Trip

Sport Fishing With Kids in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Taking your kids on a sport fishing trip is one of the greatest ways to spend quality time with them and creating great memories for years to come. However, deciding on an adequate sport fishing trip for your kids is highly important to ensure a good time for everyone.

Here are some of the things you have to consider before you book your sport fishing trip.

1. Plan a stress-free family time

Before you book your trip, make sure that all family members agree on spending time offshore on a boat. This will prepare the little ones for the experience and it will get them excited so that when the moment arrives, they take the adventure with the best attitude.

2. Chose a short trip

Unless you perceive a great excitement from your kids, chose a shorter trip when you’re fishing with them as for some kids, riding on a boat for hours can be stressful and can also get them very tired.

If you’re taking your kids on a fishing trip, we recommend your chose ½ a day or ¾ day fishing trip, depending on their age and excitement level.

3. Choose a family friendly sport fishing charter

Make sure the company you chose to book with is family friendly, that they have no problem with taking kids of all ages, that they’re patient and know how to handle emergency situations in case of injury while handling the equipment, etc.

4. Keep it educational

Kids are the most curious beings and this is a great opportunity to encourage their curiosity. Make from your trip a learning experience and tell them to ask any questions they have about fishing.

At Fantastic II Charters, we love providing fun fishing trips for families with kids of all ages. Captain Justin Hopper and the Fantastic II crew have over 30 years of experience fishing in Key Largo and are always happy to answer all the questions of the little ones.
Give us a call if you want to book your next sport fishing trip in Key Largo!

One thought on “4 Things to Consider When You Take your Kids on a Sport Fishing Trip”

  1. My kids love to fish, the only thing is that neither my husband nor I really know how to do it. So we were thinking about going on a fish charter this summer to give the kids the experience and to have a fun family vacation. I like how you said to make sure that the charter you use is family friendly and therefore patient with kids and know how to handle emergency situations. We’ll have to keep this in mind as we look for a fishing charter.

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