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4 Recommendations For an Unforgettable Trip to Key Largo

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Summer is here and there is nothing more satisfying than taking some days off to break the stressful and boring routine to escape to one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States of America: Key Largo.

If you’re all set to get on a plane, boat, car, bus, train or donkey and start your journey but don’t have a plan yet, here are some recommendations on things to do or places to visit during your stay.

1. Lounge in the sun

Nothing beats a good day sitting at the beach under a palapa overlooking the ocean. You can sleep and relax as much as you want, you can read all the books you intended to read since the beginning of the year, take a nap on a hammock, swim at the ocean, drink a nice piña colada and the list just grows.

2. Book a Sport Fishing Trip

If you are of the active kind, sport fishing in Key Largo is the best thing you can do. It is a very exciting experience, you can either book the boat for you and your friends or family or book a single spot and go fishing with other aficionados, and the best of all, you can catch your dinner!

3. Dive a coral reef

Key Largo has the third largest coral barrier in the world. Diving it is a must if you’re visiting and if you don’t know how to dive, snorkeling is always an option, so there is no excuse.

4. Kayak or paddle board in a mangrove

The State of Florida is well known for its mangrove systems and 90% of them are in Southern Florida, that includes Key Largo. One of the best ways to enjoy the mangroves is by kayak or paddle board. Just make sure to hire a certified guide.

At Fantastic II Charters, we are proud of what Key Largo and its surroundings have to offer. Give us a call if you want to book your next sport fishing trip in Key Largo, we have been providing sport fishing services for over 30 years, so book your trip today and enjoy your next vacation!

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