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10 Must-Pack Items for a Fishing Trip!

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Sport fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding sports anyone can practice, and getting ready for the adventure is a big part of that excitement too!

If you have ever been on a trip to deep sea you know that things might look and feel a bit different from there, and we’re not trying to get you scared or anything, we just want you to be prepared to have an amazing time!

Here’s a list of 10 must-pack items:

1. Sunscreen: At Key Largo we are fortunate enough to have great weather all year round and that means lots of sunny days, but we have to remember to take care of our skin, so pack your sunscreen and get ready to have a wonderful time!

2. Layers of Clothes: Weather and temperature can vary from inland to deep sea, so it’s better to be prepared. Wearing layers will help you adapt to any change in temperature, with this you’ll have what it takes to be comfortable!

3. Rain Boots: One of the most fun things about sport fishing is that it can get you wet! Imagine yourself fighting with a huge fish… getting wet is definitely on the menu! But with rain boots your feet won’t get wet and you’ll have hours of extra fun!

4. Hat: Bringing a hat to a fishing trip is one of the wisest things you can do. Even if you bathe yourself in sunscreen sometimes it’s just not enough! Bring a hat! Your skin will thank you!

5. Sunglasses: We know our body is an extraordinary machine but sometimes it needs a little help. The sun is brighter on the ocean, so bring your favorite sunglasses to protect them from the sun!

6. Insect Repellent: Mosquitoes tend to be everywhere in warm seasons. If you pack an insect repellent you wont have to worry about uncomfortable itches later on.

7. Hand Towel: A hand towel will come in handy while fishing. You can use it to dry your hands, your equipment or even sweat!

8. Water and Snacks: It’s important to be hydrated and well fed at all times. Bring water or juice and some snacks just in case you start to get a bit hungry!

9. Camera: You don’t want to miss any moment of your fishing trip! Bring a camera and show your friends the pictures you took so they’ll get excited too!

10. Change of Clothes for Kids: If you’re traveling with kids it might be a good idea to bring a change of clothes for them. For some reason kids are experts in getting wet!

Now that you know what to bring on a fishing trip you’re a step closer to becoming an expert angler! And with the guide of our skillful and experienced team and Captain Justin Hopper, you’ll become one of the best anglers in town!

What are you waiting for? Hop on board the Fantastic II Fishing Charter!