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10 Fishing Tips & Tricks to Fish Like A Pro!

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

We have two questions for you:

1. Do you think fishing is super easy?

2. Do you think the only quality you need to fish is patience?

If you answered yes to any of those questions maybe you are already a pro! But if every time you go fishing you’ve caught nothing but seaweed or a sad and lonely shoe wandering in the water, and you get back home with nothing but disappointments, maybe you need to learn from the experts!

Yes, yes, we know patience is important, but patience is not enough to drag fish to the boat. We’re not saying fishing is especially difficult, what we’re saying is that there’s a lot more involved in this amazing activity than just sitting and waiting.

But don’t worry, you have come to the right place!

Here, we present you with 10 fishing tips and tricks that will have you fish like a pro in no time!

Ready or not, here they go!


1. Shhhhh!

There is a good reason why people that are fishing in the movies seem kind of quiet, and it’s not because they are bored. Fishes are sensitive little creatures and they can feel any kind of vibration from miles away, so whenever you’re out there fishing, just make sure you lower your voice and turn your boat engine off, otherwise, you’ll scare them away.

2. Choose The Right Rod

The first thing you need to determine when buying a pole is what kind of fish you want to catch. It’s not the same to catch a tuna than going after a marlin! These two fishes are different in weight and shape, so make sure you determine this first and ask for help to get the proper rod size.

3. Fish When Good Weather

Checking on wind conditions is key to good fishing. Make sure there’s any or very little wind, as strong wind currents will make throwing the rail to the water in the direction you want to a bit more difficult and always make sure to fish with the wind at your backside.

4. Get Different Kinds Of Baits

Yes, for example, I like chocolate cookies over all sort of cookies and I bet you prefer other kinds. We all have different taste, right? well, so do fishes! Get different kinds of baits because not all fish have a worm tooth!

5. Choose The Best Months For Fishing

There’s a saying that the best months to fish are the months without an “r” for example, May, June, July, August. But the truth is in Key Largo, every day, every month and every hour is good to fish, and especially with an expert like Captain Justin Hopper!


Give us a call, and get more tips while having fun! We will provide you with the best sportfishing charter experience on board the Fantastic II!