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10 Amazing Facts About Deep-Sea & Deep-Sea Fishing

The Florida Keys are a world famous sport fishing destination. Here, you can enjoy from high-quality backcountry, shore, offshore, reef, and deep-sea fishing. On this occasion, we present you 10 amazing facts about deep-sea fishing in the Florida Keys; one of the most popular activities for locals and tourists of all levels of experience: Deep-sea fishing […]

Safety Comes First: 8 Fishing First Aid Kit Essentials

Although fishing is a safe sport when lead by a professional, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone (yes, even to expert anglers like Captain Justin Hopper and the Fantastic II crew), and the best thing we can do is be prepared for the unexpected. To prevent any kind of injuries while enjoying your time […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Keeping a Healthy Marine Ecosystem: The 2 Release Fishing Techniques All Anglers Need to Adopt

There’s something we all need to be very aware of: If we have life on this planet is mostly thanks to that big blue spot that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface – according to NOAA. That big, blue, liquid and salty spot we call Ocean (along with the net of lakes all around the […]

How To Cook Your Freshly Caught Mahi-Mahi Like a Pro (Chef Title Not Included)

There’s nothing better than eating a delicious dinner after having spent an incredibly fun day fishing in the Florida Keys waters with Captain Justin Hopper and his crew, especially if the main dish happens to be the fish you just caught! But if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to cook that fish […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

7 Myths About Fishing in a Sport Fishing Charter Boat Debunked

Sportfishing is one of the most fun activities you can do in Key Largo if you love the ocean, if you don’t mind getting wet and having a wild hair-do afterwards, and also if you don’t mind a little bit of sun, but there are many misconceptions about this recreational activity. Here are 5 of […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

5 Must-Do’s to Maximize Your Sportfishing Experience

Sport fishing with Fantastic II Charters is always a fun and amazing experience. Key Largo is considered to be one of the favorite spots for sport fishing enthusiasts, due to its rich ecosystem and plentiful fish, and although with Captain Justin Hopper and his crew, the fun and the fish are always guaranteed, we recommend […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

7 Interesting Facts About Blue Marlin

One of the most representative fish species of Florida Keys waters is Blue Marlin. Blue Marlin is an incredibly active, intrepid, and strong type of fish, and it’s undoubtedly a pleasure to watch them in their natural environment. There are many things that make Marlins an incredible catch when going on a sport fishing charter […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

New To Sport Fishing? Learn What To Expect On Your First Deep Sea Fishing Experience

If you’re new to sport fishing and never been on a fishing charter before, there are a couple of things that you need to know before the boat starts to take off to what could be one of the greatest experience of your life. Here’s a list we’ve created specially for sport fishing newbies! Check […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

Keep Reeling, Mahi-mahi Season in Key Largo is Here!

Key Largo, first of the Florida Keys, is the home of fantastic botanical and marine sceneries and a whole bunch of activities to enjoy them, that keep visitors coming all year round. But there is one specific activity for which the Florida Keys are widely recognized: Sport Fishing. Sport fishing in the Florida Keys is […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo | Fantastic II Charters

5 Romantic & Fun Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Fishing

It’s February, and that little naked cute baby called Cupid is knocking at our doors. It’s that time of year where all we see at any store are red hearts, red roses and chocolates (mmm… chocolate…), and with that kind of commercial bombing is really hard to think of a unique gift for that special […]