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Calm After The Storm: How Does a Hurricane Impact The Ocean?

Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful forces. Depending of their strength they can be very dangerous and severely damage coastal communities and disturb human life in different ways. However, as scary and damaging as they are, they are extremely necessary to the preservation of our ocean’s diversity and human life. Here we’re going to [...]
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Check Out Our New Website!

Hey guys! We’re really excited to announce the launching of our new website. It has been redesigned to provide you a better user experience and to make it easier to navigate. We have also added a “Reviews” page, in which you can read what customers have to say about their experience fishing with us, as […]

3 Types of Saltwater Fishing: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many reasons why people love sport-fishing, from experiencing a new adventure to participating in fishing tournaments, all reasons are valid and there are always good options to fulfill everyone’s fishing needs. But what if your only interest is to have a really nice fishy dinner with your family and friends? Well, we’re glad […]

Sport Fishing in Key Largo: What you didn’t know about Wahoo

Have you ever noticed the difference in fishing different species? While some may be very easy to catch, some of them might present a great challenge and Wahoo is considered one of them. Wahoo is one of our stars at Fantastic II Charters, and here is a list of cool reasons why: –  Wahoo fishing […]